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Nov 10, 2021
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Real estate licenses in California are a great way to put yourself on the road to making money.

很多人拿到房产证是因为他们想成为一名房地产经纪人. They know about the limitless income potential, workplace freedom, and the other perks that are associated with the job.

但是,在本文中,我们想要强调的是房产证. 具体来说,如何在5个简单的步骤中获得你的房地产时时彩助手安卓版卓版证.

How to Get Your Real Estate License in California


  1. 确保你有资格获得加州房地产时时彩助手安卓版卓版证
  2. Enroll in an accredited real estate school
  3. Schedule your real estate exam testing date
  4. Pass the real estate exam
  5. Sign with a real estate brokerage

That’s it! 一旦你完成了这5个步骤,你就是一个积极的经纪人,准备启动你的房地产事业.

1. Meet the California Requirements


  • 18+ years old
  • Eligible to work within the U.S.


If you are not a U.S. 如果你是加州公民,你仍然可以在加州拿到房地产时时彩助手安卓版卓版证.

2. Enroll in an Accredited California Real Estate School

Once you become qualified for your real estate license, you will need to enroll in an accredited real estate school.

加州的房地产学校会教你如何使用房地产部门(DRE)批准的售前时时彩助手安卓版卓版材料。. All students will have to have complete 3 courses:

  • Real Estate Practice
  • Real Estate Principles
  • One elective course

当你完成每门课程时,你将获得结业证书. 你的证书作为你已注册并通过课程的证明.

学生必须在入学后的一年内完成所有3门课程,才有资格参加国家考试. So, stay focused and don’t procrastinate!


3. Apply to the California Real Estate Exam

To apply to the California real estate exam,你必须提交一份申请,并附上以下材料:

  • A valid photo ID
  • Completed live scan form
  • State exam fees
  • 3-licensing course certificates
  • Completed DRE Forms

The completed DRE forms are as follows:

  • Exam/License Application: RE 435
  • Live Scan Service Request: RE 237
  • If paying with a credit card: RE 909
  • If you want to apply for the exam only (not license): RE 400A

To take the real estate exam, you will have to pass a live scan background check. 这一背景调查将识别任何犯罪历史,看看你是否有资格成为加州的房地产经纪人.

If you have a criminal history, 你能做的最好的事情就是联系DRE,坦诚地说出你的过去.

4. Pass the California Real Estate State Exam


The state exam is rigorous. So, you need to study the course material to pass with, at least, a 70% or higher.

一些学校有额外的资源来帮助你通过州考试. 这些培训课程为您提供全面的课程复习和应试策略.

5. Sign with a Brokerage

通过州考试后,DRE会通过电子邮件给你寄送一份你的房产证复印件. 你可以选择你想采访的经纪公司. When the real estate brokerage recruits you, 比赛开始了,你可以开始这个令人兴奋的新职业了.

Getting an interview with a real estate brokerage is simple. All you have to do is contact the brokerage, let them know you are a newly licensed agent, and that you’re interested in working together. 一些房地产学校甚至会帮你联系他们信任的经纪公司.

How Fast Can You Get Your Real Estate License in California?

The fastest you can get your real estate license in California is in 135 hours. In other words, a little under 8 weeks.

与其他职业相比,这是一个低门槛的快速启动. 一个人可以在大约6个月内从对房地产一无所知变成代表高端客户. 

That’s impressive!

在你完成学业并申请参加国家考试之后, 你必须等待DRE安排你的考试日期. This takes about 3-months. During this time, we recommend studying as much as you can.

How Much Does a California Real Estate License Cost?

在加州,一张房地产时时彩助手安卓版卓版证的价格从477美元到740美元不等. Here is a breakdown list of the fees and costs associated with your real estate license:

  • The real estate school (Pre-licensing program)
  • Real estate exam application fee
  • Live Scan cost (background check)
  • Real estate license fee

If you’re getting your license in California, there are tons of real estate schools you can pick from. Each one comes has its own program price.

Of course, we recommend enrolling in our program. 自插提醒:我们有竞争力的价格和最强大的, well-rounded programs in the entire state. 

Fit Small Business recently called us the best real estate school in California. But, we don’t want to make this about us!

Should You Become a Real Estate Agent?

So, 现在你知道如何拿到加州房地产时时彩助手安卓版卓版证了, the next question is: “should you?”

Is this career right for you?

我们都知道房地产经纪人每次买新房都能赚很多钱. 他们从最终销售额中分得一小部分,这被称为他们的佣金.

They also get workplace freedom. 这意味着他们可以选择在世界任何地方工作. From the brokerage office, their sofa, even at the beach.

Finally, this is a people-focused business. 每天遇到新的有趣的人是令人兴奋的,你可以帮助他们实现他们的梦想. Not only that but growing your network is a must, 这意味着这份工作激励你去社交,扩大你的人际网络.

没有什么比帮助一个家庭搬进他们的梦想之家更好的感觉了. 你有能力在你帮助的人的生活中留下巨大的印记.

如果这听起来像是你会喜欢的事情,那么看看我们的其中一个 free intro sessions. 这向你展示了作为一名房地产经纪人是如何工作的,你也可以先先见后地了解我们的程序是如何工作的.

Before You Get a California Real Estate License…

Just remember this one thing 在你开始你的旅程去获得一个房地产时时彩助手安卓版卓版证之前 in California. You have to let everyone know you’re a real estate agent.


当你认识的每个人都不知道你是特工时,他们就不会找你帮忙了. 作为一名新的房地产经纪人,你认识的人会成为你的客户.

They are the people most likely to work with you.

So, when you’re enrolling into an accredited real estate school, that is the time to start building your database of contacts. 因为一个新联系人成为客户大约需要6个月的时间. 巧合的是,拿到驾照的平均时间是6个月.




房地产行业最适合那些喜欢按照自己的方式工作的人. Deciding to become a real estate agent is easy. But, you need gusto to create a successful career.

A real estate career requires hard work and self-investment. But, the results are life-changing. By following the steps above and learning as much as you can, you will set yourself up for that success.

每周,我们都会发布深度视频,帮助观众成为成功的房地产中介 CA Realty Training YouTube Channel. 如果你认为这篇文章有帮助,我们将感谢你与朋友或同事分享它. Doing so helps us make more helpful articles – like this one.

Elias Magers
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